Saint Ladislaus VII

Important dates in Saint Ladislaus’ life

1046 Saint Ladislaus is born in Poland as the second child of King Béla I of Hungary and Richeza, Polish princess

1048 Béla I returns to Hungary with his family

1060-1063 Béla I’s reign

1063 Béla I dies, Andrew I’s infant son, Solomon is crowned king

1064–1077 Saint Ladislaus rules over the duchy of Bihor

1068 the Battle of Kerlés, Saint Ladislaus’ first major victory over the Cumans

1074 the Battle of Mogyoród, Béla’s sons defeat Solomon’s troops, Géza acquires the throne

1077 Géza I dies, Saint Ladislaus is crowned king

1078(79?) Saint Ladislaus marries Adelaide of Rheinfelden, German princess

1083 Stephen I, founder of the Hungarian State, together with his son Emeric and Bishop Gerard of Csanád are canonized at Saint Ladislaus’ initiative

1084(85?) Saint Ladislaus founds the bishopric of Zagreb and starts building the cathedral

1085 Saint Ladislaus defeats the Cumans again

1091 Saint Ladislaus occupies Croatia and appoints Álmos to administer the territory. He establishes the Somogyvár Abbey and presumably the bishopric of Várad

1092 Saint Ladislaus promulgates his first law book at the synod of Szabolcs 

1095 Saint Ladislaus dies unexpectedly near Nyitra (now Nitra)

1192 King Ladislaus is canonized at the initiative of King Béla III of Hungary